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How to Get Past Disappointment

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By: Michelle McKinney Hammond
Chicago, IL: Everyone faces disappointment – in our relationships,
our careers, our goals and our personal finances – these
disappointments can lead to disillusionment, regret, frustration and

In her new book, How to Get Past Disappointment (Harvest
House Publishers), Michelle McKinney Hammond addresses the
familiar emotion of disappointment by profiling the biblical “woman at
the well,” whose life-changing encounter with Jesus turned her life from
disappointment and judgment to hope and joy.
Hammond shares with readers the personal disappointments she’s
endured, including when her fiancé was murdered in a random act of
violence – leaving Hammond to grapple with feelings of depression and
guilt for several years. Through this tragedy, Hammond found strength in her faith when
she became a Christian, but this did not make her immune from future disappointments.
Hammond dealt with career uncertainty with multiple hiring’s and firings from her
advertising job and later survived being hit by a car that left her bed-ridden for over a
year and enduring numerous surgeries. During her time of recovery, Hammond decided
to write her first book and her ministry began. Today, she is one of the most published
female, African American inspirational authors.
“Like the woman at the well in John 4, there have been times that disappointment held
my heart hostage. But I realized I needed to have an attitude of gratitude and seek God to
reconcile my past, to renew my hope and to fully embrace life,” Hammond writes. With
chapters that include, It’s Not About You, Quiet As It’s Kept, Turning the Corner, Free to
Let Go and What is Your Life Reflecting?, readers will discover:
 Focusing on past disappointments makes it easy to miss present blessings
 An open heart to Jesus will reveal truths about yourself and your life
 God’s love helps us face hurts and forgive when necessary
 Choosing God’s way opens a new path of hope
These principles of getting past disappointment are ones that Hammond has had to
apply to her life even recently. Hammond’s ministry suffered financially in the recent
recession. She also faced the recent death of her father, who she reunited with as a
teenager. However, Hammond later discovered that her father left her a substantial
financial gift and his business (that needed revitalizing). Another example is that
through her disappointment and grief, God remains faithful in spite of disappointments.
He is the hope and source of restoration.

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“It’s profound that a severe loss for one can be tremendous gain for another. I consider
my father’s will his last testament that reflected how he felt about me, and gave me a
clear directive on how I should live. The things he entrusted to me were sobering,”
Hammond says. “…This makes me reflect on the sacrifice that Christ made for us to
inherit, and everything that He has in store for us. May we always be cognizant of the
price God has paid to redeem us.”
How to Get Past Disappointment also provides study questions, meditations and
affirmations. Also available: How to Get Past Disappointment DVD.
Product Details: Paperback: 192 pages. Publisher: Harvest House Publishers (February
2011). Language: English ISBN-10: 0736937862 ISBN-13: 978-0736937863

Michelle McKinney Hammond, a writer, singer, and speaker
who focuses on improving love-driven relationships, is the founder
and president of HeartWing Ministries. She also co-hosted the
Emmy-winning TV show Aspiring Women for ten years. Michelle is
the bestselling author of Sassy, Single, and Satisfied (200,000
copies sold) and What to Do Until Love Finds You. Her official web
site is
Suggested Interview Questions
for Michelle McKinney Hammond:
1. What happens to a person’s spirit and self-worth when they face repeated
disappointments? How do these disappointments impact our relationships?
2. How were you able to relate your disappointments with those of the woman at the
well in John 4?
3. What have been some of your deepest disappointments? Did these
disappointments help you or hinder you as you pursued your life goals?
4. You speak regularly to women - what are some of their common disappointments?
5. What do you say to those who are disappointed with God? Does He understand our
feelings? What should we do with those feelings?
6. How do our expectations influence our disappointments? How can we prevent our
expectations from causing disappointments?
7. What are healthy ways to handle disappointment? What can disappointment teach
us about ourselves, others, and God?
8. What are some negative emotions that occur from disappointment? How can we
discover the ability to release fear from future disappointments?
9. How does our perception of God determine how disappointment impacts our lives?
10. As you continue to face disappointments in life, how do you handle them
differently than you did in the past?
11. What is your hope for those reading, How to Get Past Disappointment?


Contact: Susan Hunt, Pure Publicity
818.753.4056 or

Notable Quotes from

How to Get Past Disappointment:

“With God we have something to look forward to beyond this life, and yet He gives us
powerful reasons to be living today. Our life is sustained by the higher and greater
promises that come from the One who always keeps His word.” (“Who is He”)
“There have been times I couldn’t see God because I was too distracted by me. Looking
back I realize it was too much of me and not enough of Him. When I determine I have
nothing to give, I feel disqualified to receive.” (“It’s Not About You”)
“Women are so good at hiding disappointment and pain. Passing comments can seem
insignificant at the time, but often the feelings linger and fester. Feeling unlovely can
lead to serious heart conditions such as envy, bitterness and a critical spirit.” (“A
Refreshing River”)
“Outside circumstances can’t rob us of what God has placed way down inside us. The
world doesn’t give us this deep fulfillment, and the world can’t take it away. It’s not
contingent on who loves us, who doesn’t love us, who understands us, who doesn’t
understand us, who fails to accept us. Our significance is based on our relationship with
our Creator.” (“Temporary Measures”)
“Pain is best treated as a friend. God gave us the ability to feel pain because it lets us
know there’s a problem, and it forces us to deal with what is wrong or what we’ve buried,
overlooked, or refused to surrender to God.” (“The Truth”)
“There is a day when all the plots and plans for improving our lives and making things
work despite the emptiness inside will come to a halt. We can’t buy peace and there’s no
way to secure it. Peace is found between the balance of what we are willing to release and
what we are willing to embrace.” (“Turning the Corner”)
“My thirst for God returned after my boyfriend was murdered, and with my devastation,
I descended into the deepest pit of despair imaginable. For so long I battled suicidal
thoughts and even unjustly blamed myself for the death of my boyfriend. I quickly got
involved with a church community and was mentored in the faith. I learned to reach for
God with my heart instead of my head.” (“Seeing the Light”)
“What we believe we need to make us truly happy rarely does. Locating the true source of
nourishment and refreshing is the only way we are able to lay aside the weights and sins
that so easily hinder us from moving forward as we follow God.” (‘What is True

YSOG aka Young Soldiers of God

out of Nashville TN